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The Lead to Read Program has half-time member positions.

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Half-time members commit to serving 900 hours over a 10 month period and receive a monthly living allowance.

The Lead to Read program year runs from August 1 - May 31.


Lead to Read opportunities are open to anyone who:

Is over the age of 17 at the beginning of service

Is a US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident

Has a high-school diploma or GED

Host Sites may have additional service qualifications and requirements, which will be listed in the position description. All AmeriCorps positions are contingent upon the results of a state and national background check.


Members receive a Living Allowance of  $680 per month (before taxes). Upon successful completion of their service, half-time members earn an education award of $3,047.50. The education award can be used for future schooling or applied to past school loans. Click here to find the list of schools in Oklahoma that accept the Segal Education Award.

Other Benefits

Depending on other household income, member’s may be eligible for Public Assistance Programs.

Service with an AmeriCorps program looks great on a college application.

If you have school loans, you can apply to put your loans in forbearance for the duration of your term of service.